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Agzistence is a digital ecosystem which brings all stakeholders to address the interlinked challenges of food value chain, climate change and skill gaps through unique learning and consultancy program.​​

The Opportunity

Based on projections of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the world will need 70% more food by 2050. By 2025, India is projected to become the largest consumer market for food in the world, representing a $1 trillion market opportunity. Meanwhile, arable land and other resources for agriculture across the globe keep diminishing by the year. There is an urgent need to scale up agricultural productivity to produce healthy and nutritious food while protecting the environment and ensuring social inclusion. focuses on addressing these fundamental challenges in meeting the rising global demand of quality food. We achieve this by modernising the food system through data-driven transformation from farm to fork. We transform the way food is produced and supplied and empower and connect all partners in the ecosystem.

The Problem which we want to solve:-

These challenges are being faced across the ecosystem

  • Corporates
    • High Churning
    • Limited market ready talent pool
    • High Training cost and Gestation period
    • Faulty Product Positioning
  • Govt Bodies
    • Relevant digital implementing agency is missing
  • Academic Institution
    • Industry specific skill set missing for placement.
    • Low awareness of relevant jobs available in market
  • Individual
    • No authentic Certified platform agricourses
    • Non Agri background students la orientation for Agri sector
    • Less than 5% are women in the workforce

This problem is spread across the value chain.

Corporates specially the mid and smaller companies struggle to get good Agri talents. Even smart people from Agribusiness schools and universities choose different career options​

These students are not aware of the opportunity available in market and the current curriculum that the student follow is not industry-ready and specific​

This is a loss for both corporate and academic institution. As Corporate don’t have a set pool and Students are not aware of skillset required to perform in agri industry​

Government has a lot of great schemes for the farmer and good distribution available in most of the villages. However, as the farmers are not financially and domain literate and still depend a lot on key influencers are not able to make best out of these schemes​

Recent reports have also identified Information Platform is as the key for the sustenance of the entire Agri – tech and Agri Value chain, However its still a part of advisory, awareness and advocacy or a product-centric service model .

A dedicated effort to enhance the talent pool and partner in success is missing .A readily accessible learning platform for the entire ecosystem for standardisation of stewardship practices dedicated for agri-value chain will solve the conundrum and is the need of the hour.

Why invest alongside us?


We offer a compelling investment opportunity based on strong business fundamentals, fast-growing end markets and a streamlined approach to growth.

Value Creation Engine

Agzistence will be the first exclusive Agri Learning Ecosystem for all the stakeholders across the Agri and Allied value chain to decimate knowledge at every level which will be Market ready and hand hold each user and partner organisation to enable them for a successful and sustainable growth

Leveraging technology to solve for pain in the ecosystem

Industry Professional will get access to curated and industry leading learning content

Corporate Group will get On Demand Industry ready training for our workforce at fraction of the existing cost

Channel partner / Entrepreneur will get Industry recognized certification in a transperent manner

Students & aspiring Professionals We get Industry recognized certification and platform to reach out to prospective employers

Our Solution


  • Structure Course content
  • Simple Flow of Knowledge available on Web & Mobile
  • Three Competency level & Multiple Disciplines
  • Our Track Record

    • Most Adoptive learning Platform 200+ Live Courses in 5 Languages
    • Knowledge seminars involving 50+ Council of Experts
    • Collages Directly connected and created employment for > 500+ students
    • Farmers, Students, Channel Partners, Company Professionals connected through various engagement channels

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    Know what others say about us

    • Priyanka Barola
      Symbiosis Institute Of International Business, Pune

      Conducted various orientation sessions for Agzistence's learning sessions that helped me to increase my communication skill. Joined a wide range of webinars by Agri-industry experts, agricultural scientists, academicians and practitioners on Agzistence’s platform, which encouraged me to aspire to a career in Agri-industries.

    • Rudra Nath Mondal
      KIIT School of Rural Management, Bhubaneswar

      I would like to thank Agzistence for organizing a training program on "Marketing Research". This training program was very interactive and Informative. It not only equipped me with various concepts related to Marketing Research but also benefitted me in successfully continuing my Summer Internship Program.

    • Karthik Settipalli
      Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bengaluru

      I extend my sincere gratitude to Agzistense for organizing this short but effective course on “Market Research in Agribusiness Sector”. This course is particularly helpful for students who are about to start their summer internships in agribusiness firms. Explained neatly about designing the research, various tools and techniques necessary for analysis and the entire research flow.

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